KHCC Premiership Reunions 1988-89 and 1998-1999
Date of event: Saturday February 2, 2019

KHCC Proposed Premiership Reunions and Past Players Day

Recommended Date Saturday 2nd February 2018

2nd day Firsts versus Greenvale Kangaroos @ Walter Galt


  • 1998-99 Hawthorn-Waverley VCA Premier-1st XI Turf Co-Ordinators David Scott & David Shephard
  • 1998-99 St. Johns - St. Bedes VTCA South A1 Turf Co-Ordinators Phil O’Meara & Mick O’Shea
  • 1988-89 St. John Vianneys FDCA U14-2 Juniors Co-Ordinators Chris Reeves & Matthew Sullivan
  • All past players and life members

Format of the Day

4.00pm start Past Players and Life members

4.00pm – 8.00pm – Jumping Castle, Drinks, Cricket.

6.30 – 7.30 PM Premiership players those accepted for dinner will be invited to be seated

5.00 – 7.00 BBQ for those not attending dinner

7.30 pm sit-down dinner King of the roast and vegetables

8.30pm Formalities inc.

  • President Welcome
  • recognition of premier premiership players (Slide Presentation)
  • Response by Peter Roach? David Scott? Or David Shephard?
  • recognition of other premiership players (Slide Presentation)
  • Response by a member of the two teams (Tony Gilchrist and Matt Sullivan)
  • Guest Speaker?
  • Draw meat tray wine and meat tray (tickets sold all day)

11.30 Close

  • During the day donation tins for Usher syndrome positioned at the bar.

Premiership Players

Under 14 1988/89

South A1 1998/99

Premier 1998/99

Matthew Berghella

Jason Francis

Shannon Guce

Campbell Johnson

Boris Joksimovic

Daniel Lucas

Paul Nunn

Brett O'Day

Sean O'Leary

Chris Reeves

Matthew Sullivan

Michael Sullivan


Stephen Cramp

Antony Gilchrist

Nick Hawkins

David Hewitson

Michael Iles

Chris O'Meara

Philip O'Meara

Michael O'Shea

Matthew Sullivan

Anthony White

Michael Wintle

Paul Wintle


Peter Roach (c)

David Shepard (vc)

Dion Kratz

John Mitchell

Paul Banbury

Chris Reidy

Paul Brown

Paul Barber

Andrew Huntington

Grant Swift

David Scott

Peter Shepard (12th)

Simon Helmot (coach)

Craig Reece (scorer +)

Darren Bourke (manager)

Bill Hills (supporter / helper)






Last updated: Tuesday November 27, 2018
Author: Greg McLeod